Francis Campaign

An Introduction – The Frigid North and Our Hero, Francis Snow

Out on the wind-blown plains of The Ride, in northern reaches of Faerûn, we find the small village of Gahten. Gahten, nestled in one of the many valleys ~ the Valley of Bindor ~ that are formed by the fingers of the Sunrise Mountains, functions as a marker of the northernmost border of the kingdom, not a place one would exactly ‘pass through’. Those few that have settled here are frontiersmen of hardy body and spirit, for anything less would quickly be consumed by the uncaring nature of the North. For those that are comfortable with such, the only real dangers come in the form of harsh blizzards and the occasional bear. But lately, there have been reports of odd creatures sighted in the woods, and a few people have gone missing on days too warm and calm for them to have been claimed by the cold. Francis Snow, our brave hero, was not worried though, he had traveled the paths between Gahten and the other, smaller villages many a time. The bastard of the patriarch of House Valderon, he had been apprenticed to a blacksmith at age six. Three years later, Valderon was destroyed after becoming too far in debt to the wrong people. Needless to say, as the orphaned bastard of a lordly man and a native of the frozen north (thus the surname ‘Snow’), Francis quickly learned to fend for himself, taking his craft on the road and peddling his wares and services where he could. Recently, he has apprenticed himself to a master smithy in Gahten to improve his work, doing jobs and deliveries for him. ~The Wayward Traveler


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